Featured Presenter David Grant

Conference Strand: Project Based Learning & Digital LIteracy

Workshop 1
6 Steps for Great PBL

Description: King Middle School in Portland, Maine is an original public Expeditionary Learning school. Once a bottom performer in the state, King's 550 students now outperform their peers in every subject, at every grade. How did the school turn around? High quality PBL. Students explore compelling topics, collaborate with professionals and community experts, engage in authentic research, create final products based upon professional models, and exhibit their work to the public. In this workshop, we will dig into King's well-documented 6 Steps planning process. We will examine products and outcomes from successful learning expeditions, and explore what it takes to make PBL meet the needs of all kids.

Workshop 2
What's Working in Progressive Education: Best Practices from Expeditionary Learning Schools Across America*

Description: Expeditionary Learning is a public school reform network with 165 member schools throughout the United States. Although EL schools focus on integrated, project-based curriculum rather than "teaching to the test", students in EL schools outperform their district peers in reading, writing, and math in elementary, middle and high school. For the past year, I have been working on program media development for Expeditionary Learning, visiting the highest performing schools in the country, and shooting documentary video spotlighting key practices that lead to success. n this workshop, we will look into several classrooms across America and discuss practices that all teachers can use to increase student ownership and success with learning.

Workshop 3
Teaching Students to Shoot like Pros

Description: Students at King Middle School in Portland, Maine shoot and produce documentary video of learning expeditions at every grade level, on every team. In this hands on workshop, participants will explore how students can master simple but powerful videography conventions. Participants will leave with new knowledge of how to shoot great video, as well as with a ready-to-use lesson for teaching students how to shoot like pros in their classrooms.
Please bring a phone or camera that shoots video and a wire for uploading

Workshop 4
What Did Students Learn from Making This?

Description: In this workshop, we will look at a variety of student products -- pamphlets, movies, websites, books, performances, etc. -- and explore the connections between products and learning. We will discuss strategies for getting the most learning out of products, review the workflow for making sophisticated mixed-media products with whole classrooms or grade level groups of students, and consider how products provide, and do not provide, opportunities for assessment of key learnings.

Workshop 5
The Fast Way to Technical Competence with iMovie -- So You and Your Students Can Spend Time on Content*

Description: Video production is a fantastic way to create engagement in the classroom -- that is until production challenges get in the way of teaching and learning. In this workshop, we will look at a series of strategies and tutorials that I use in my classroom to create student competency in just a few lessons. (Examples of years of students work can be seen at http://king.portlandschools.org/files/tv ) Then it's on to the important stuff: literacy, content, and great story telling.
To fully participate, please bring your own apple laptop with the content for this class already downloaded and the most current version of iMovie. The download content is available at http://staff.portlandschools.org/ grantd/earcos12/

Biography: David Grant is a teacher, professional development leader, media producer, and consultant in school reform and technology integration. He currently works as the Technology and Expeditionary Learning Strategist for King Middle School in Portland, Maine. Over the past fifteen years, he has been an integral part of the leadership team that has transformed King from a failing school into a national model for project based learning and technology integration. Additionally, David is a professional development consultant and national media producer for Expeditionary Learning Schools(EL)-- a national school reform network. He is currently working on a multiyear project to create a set of core program materials for EL, documenting best practices in schools around the country. From 2001-2004, David was a consultant and professional development facilitator for the Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI)--the first-ever whole state effort to bring the power of laptops and wireless classrooms to every 7th and 8th grader in a state. David continues to provide one-to-one consulting through the Maine International Center for Digital Learning, working with education development teams from around the world. You can learn more about David's work at Edutopia, or at the Buck Institute for Education.