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Explore more than a decade of student work and learning expeditions
Designing and Producing Real World Products with Students and Teachers

David has 15 years of experience designing and creating products with students and teachers that blend core content instruction with 21st century literacy and media skills.

He (and his students) have catologued over a decade of student work on King Middle School's website -- combining expedition products with student-made documentaries that capture both the content and process of learning.

David is an advocate for media and data rich learning -- and has supported thousands of teachers in developing the skills and strategies to produce sophisticated mixed-media products with whole classrooms or grade level groups of students.

He consults regularly with schools on technology integration and project based learning. He has lead national professional development retreats for educators, and has facilitated workshops throughout North America and in Asia.
David Grant
Education Consultant, Professional Development Leader, Media Producer
Portland, Maine